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Aug 21, 2014

NYPD probes Palestinian flag unfurled on Manhattan Bridge

NYPD investigators are trying to determine who unfurled a giant Palestinian flag from the lower level of the Manhattan Bridge Wednesday evening while a pro-Palestinian march was taking place on the nearby Brooklyn Bridge. Pictures of the scene show t... #Israel #Brooklyn, NY #Brooklyn Bridge, NY #Gaza Strip

Aug 09, 2014

World War I: the war that inspired innovative art

(AP) -- In the summer of 1914, with the war in Europe just two weeks old, Henry James knew that something had been lost forever. "Black and hideous to me is the tragedy that gathers, and I'm sick beyond cure to have lived on to see it," the American ... #Europe #London #Henry James #Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Aug 04, 2014

Boycott of Israel Spreads in European Civil Society Over Gaza War, Could Cost $5 Bn/Yr

The ill-considered and remarkably brutal Gaza war likely will give further impetus to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement by Western civil society to pressure Israel on its illegal actions toward the Palestinians.  A thoroughgoing such Eur... #Israel #Gaza Strip #Asia