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Sep 14, 2014

Decision on Jacksonville-area school district near

The move to carve a new Jacksonville/North Pulaski school system out of an existing larger district is being watched by civic leaders from elsewhere who think they would like to do something similar. Jacksonville and north Pulaski County residents wi...

Sep 13, 2014

Big Ideas: Toronto experts choose their Top 10

The Star’s Big Ideas series is entering a crucial phase. Soon we will have a transformative Top 10 list culled from 1,000 submissions and whittled down through an online poll that has attracted more than 10,000 votes. Voting goes to Sept. 18 . The 10... #Toronto #Ryerson

Sep 16, 2014

How Scotland could lead the way towards a federal UK

England and Wales need to harness the civic spirit seen in the Scottish independence referendum and devolve powers to the regions The Scottish independence referendum , whichever side one is on, has demonstrated the civic spirit of this country. Enga... #Iraq #Afghanistan #Scotland #Edinburgh #Wales

Sep 03, 2014

Appeal of East Springfield biomass plant ruling depends on Springfield City Council, says board president Michael Fenton

With the city facing a Sept. 15 deadline for challenging the ruling, Fenton said he will poll the council to gauge support to for holding a special meeting to discuss a possible appeal to the Massachusetts Appeals Court. SPRINGFIELD – City Council Pr... #Massachusetts #Springfield, MA

Sep 06, 2014

Those waiting for Olivia Chow miracle are running out of time: James

Olivia Chow is in trouble. The candidate for mayor is not connecting with voters. Her campaign appears disjointed and out of ideas that inspire. The entire enterprise is out of steam, crumbling just when it must soar. That’s the unvarnished and painf... #Toronto #John Tory #Olivia Chow #Rob Ford

Sep 01, 2014

Vote for the Top Media in the Hot List Readers' Choice Poll

What's the show you just can't miss on TV or streaming? Which mobile app (or video game, or celebrity or sports site) makes life worth living? Which magazine is your go-to source for the latest on Ukraine, home design or Ariana Grande? These are the ... #Google Inc. #Taylor Swift #Fitbit

Sep 03, 2014

Marijuana Legalization Supported By A Growing Majority Of Americans, Survey Shows

A broad new survey shows that a majority of American adults continue to support marijuana legalization in the United States, and that support appears to be growing. The survey , released last week from online polling data company CivicScience, asked ... #Google Inc. #Taylor Swift #Fitbit

Sep 10, 2014

Scottish independence: a guide to the referendum to break away from the UK

On 18 September, Scotlands voters will decide whether to stay part of the United Kingdom or go it alone. With the polls neck and neck, how did it come to this? Scottish independence: everything you need to know about the vote Some would say the Battl... #United Kingdom #Northern Ireland #Wales #William Wallace #Scotland

Aug 28, 2014

John Tory leads, Rob Ford gaining ground in new poll

As Toronto mayoral candidates enter the home stretch, Mayor Rob Ford is the only one gaining ground while once-frontrunner Olivia Chow has fallen behind him into third place, according to a new large-sample poll . Forum Research’s automated phone sur... #Toronto #Jack Layton #John Tory #Olivia Chow #Rob Ford