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Sep 23, 2014

Starbucks tests latte with stout flavor

Starbucks is testing a latte that it says has the "savory toasty malt" flavor of a foamy mug of stout. The Dark Barrel Latte is being tested in a handful of stores in Ohio and Florida, said Starbucks spokeswoman Linda Mills. She said the drink is top... #Florida #Ohio #Starbucks Corp

Sep 05, 2014

Vancouver chocolatier says it’s ‘surreal’ to have his creation rated tops in the world

A luxurious chocolate bar made by a Vancouver chocolatier has made it to the top of the heap. It was announced this week that the Vancouver- and Surrey-based Mink Chocolates’ Mermaid’s Choice bar was awarded the title of Top Chocolate Bar at the 2014... #Florida #Ohio #Starbucks Corp

Sep 08, 2014

Experts create chocolate teapot

A group of scientists and engineers have proved that they really are as useful as a chocolate teapot. Master chocolatier John Costello and his team from the Nestle Product Technology Centre (PTC), in York, were given the challenge of turning the fami... #Florida #Ohio #Starbucks Corp