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Sep 10, 2014

Check Your Portfolio for Profit Leaks

The intra-day reversal in the shares of Apple, Inc. (AAPL) encouraged the market bears, who had another reason to sell. The market internals were solidly negative with declining stocks leading advancing stocks by a 3-1 margin. Another day of similar ... #Wells Fargo #Wall Street #Apple, Inc.

Sep 05, 2014

The Week Ahead: Where to Invest Your Cash?

Despite the strong stock market performance in August, many are still focused on the historically poor stock market performance in September, so MoneyShow's Tom Aspray takes to the charts to suggest when, where, and how much to invest this month. The... #Wells Fargo #Wall Street #Apple, Inc.

Sep 02, 2014

UK construction sector growth hits seven-month high; Swiss economy stalls - business live

Rolling financial, economic and business news through the day, as Britains builders report strong growth in August but Switzerlands GDP stagnates Latest: UK construction booming again But skills shortage could hit the sector Earlier: Switzerlands GDP... #Switzerland #European Central Bank #Greece #Global Insight #IHS Inc.

Aug 23, 2014

Kathy Griffin to Nicki Minaj: I want a booty challenge

While most people are inviting friends to complete the ice bucket challenge, Kathy Griffin has another proposal for Nicki Minaj: a booty challenge. The 53-year-old comedian said after watching the eye-popping, rump-shaking music video for Minaj's new... #Sarah Silverman #Nicki Minaj

Aug 21, 2014

Ice bucket challenge: a celebrity wet T-shirt contest that has nothing to do with charity

Column inches and YouTube views don't equate to cold hard cash for motor neurone disease. But the real issue is: why did Olly Murs have to beg for a nomination? Josie Cunningham wants £3m to disappear and other 'celebs' could follow suit Never one to... #Sarah Silverman #Nicki Minaj

Sep 16, 2014

Aggies’ fast start creates similar buzz to 2012, hope for SEC title this time

By Jimmy Burch During the early stages of his team’s ongoing climb from the fringes of the Top 25 to the mix of teams viewed as viable participants in the College Football Playoff’s four-team bracket, Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin paused for a bit of ... #Southeastern Conference #Dallas, Texas

Sep 15, 2014

Concert Review: Darius Rucker brings country music to the Big E

Darius Rucker performed a 90 minute set at the Big E in West Springfield on Sunday night Darius Rucker, seen here in a Feb. 27, 2014 performance at the Erie Insurance Arena in Erie, Penn. (AP file photo) WEST SPRINGFIELD _ Country star Darius Rucker ... #John Mellencamp #Pink (singer)

Sep 08, 2014

Massachusetts Primary 2014 voters' guide: Where to vote, poll hours, candidates and more

Polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 9. Voters will head to the polls Tuesday, Sept. 9 for a primary election involving a number of local and statewide offices. Below, answers to some basic questions about voting in the primary. Where do I ... #Massachusetts #U.S. Republican Party #Springfield, MA

Sep 08, 2014

Wilbraham police see dramatic increase in drunk driving arrests; Chief Roger Tucker cites better training of officers

The 60 arrests so far this year for drunken driving are more than the total for all of 2013 when there were 48. Conor Berry |   WILBRAHAM - With more than three months left in the year, police here have doubled their drunken driving ... #Massachusetts #U.S. Republican Party #Springfield, MA

Sep 02, 2014

'Dollar' Stores Aren't Actually The Cheapest Stores

Just because a store has the word “dollar” in the name doesn’t mean it’s actually the cheapest place to shop. A typical basket of goods at Walmart is about 4 percent cheaper than the same basket at Dollar General and about 12 percent cheaper than the... #North Carolina #Wal-Mart #Wall Street #Dollar General