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Sep 28, 2014

Mumbai: EC ropes in railways for election duty

The Central and Western Railways will deploy their policemen and administrative staff for poll duty; will make announcements on railway stations to encourage voting The spilt of party alliances has not only created ripples in political circles, but a...

Sep 30, 2014

Burglar in tree delayed 783 trains and cost half a million pounds

A "stupid" burglar who climbed up a tree next to a train line to avoid police, led to the delay or cancellation of 783 trains at a cost of half a million pounds, a court was told. Carlton Andre (36), is now starting an 18-month jail term after he del... #Europe #London

Sep 23, 2014

Woman and child dead after falling in front of train in 'suspicious' circumstances

A woman and a child have died after being struck by a train at a busy station, police have confirmed. British Transport Police said the deaths are being treated as suspicious and investigators are appealing for witnesses to the tragedy in Slough, Ber... #Thames, NZ #Europe

Sep 15, 2014

Im Indian, English and live in Scotland. Will my sons identity be as borderless after the referendum?

My little boy has inherited a rich and varied heritage, and it is for his future that I am voting. But I wonder what his sense of self will be in that new world Eighteen years ago I made the journey from England to Scotland for the first time. Euston... #London #Scotland #Glasgow

Sep 30, 2014

The hi-vis hero who answered an SOS (Save Our Swan): Rail worker uses jacket to catch bird who had got onto the line

It’s meant to safeguard staff on railway lines but a worker had to use his high-visibility orange jacket to save a swan stranded on the tracks at Lincoln Central Station... #London #Scotland #Glasgow

Sep 23, 2014

Two people dead after falling in front of in 'suspicious' circumstances

Two people have died after being hit by a train in "suspicious" circumstances, British Transport Police (BTP) have said. The pair were declared dead at the scene in Slough, Berkshire, this morning. A BTP spokesman said: "At this time the incident at ... #Thames, NZ #Europe

Sep 29, 2014

China faces tricky balance in Hong Kong's protests

Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have handed China's Communist leadership a thorny political dilemma. FILE - An upside down Chinese national flag appears between a Hong Kong flag and a red flag bearing the company logo of Hong Kong's Mass Transit ... #China #Beijing #Hong Kong