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Jul 31, 2014

Tarantino and Nolan share a Kodak moment as studios fund film processing

Posse of directors, also including JJ Abrams and Judd Apatow, rallies to 35mm film's defense as studios agree to fund processing costs and Kodak continues production Quentin Tarantino on digital v film Gallery: The death of Kodak town A coalition of ... #Quentin Tarantino #Judd Apatow #J J Abrams #Christopher Nolan

Jul 30, 2014

Directors Lobby To Keep Film In Hollywood

JJ Abrams and Quentin Tarantino are among those backing a deal between Kodak and studios to stop celluloid becoming obsolete... #Hollywood #Quentin Tarantino #J J Abrams

Jul 05, 2014

Anatomy of a blockbuster: The Blair Witch Project

When The Blair Witch Project debuted to genuine screams and shudders in the midnight program at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival, it fit precisely no one’s idea of a blockbuster movie. More at Words and Pictures lacks both rom and com: re... #Tom Cruise #Mike Myers #YouTube #Facebook #Pinterest