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Aug 15, 2014

Hamas negotiators met with Islamic militant group leaders for truce

CAIRO — Hamas negotiators met with the Islamic militant group’s leadership in Qatar on Friday to discuss a proposal for a long-term truce with Israel, with an official saying the group was inclined to accept the Egyptian-mediated offer... #Hamas #Qatar

Aug 19, 2014

Truce Talks Suspended After Gaza Rocket Strikes

Israel suspended talks with Palestinian factions in Cairo after three rockets from the Gaza Strip landed in southern Israel, breaking a cease-fire aimed at allowing negotiators to broker a long-term truce... #Cairo #Israel #Gaza Strip

Aug 11, 2014

Gaza cease-fire holds as negotiators reconvene in Cairo

An Egyptian-brokered cease-fire halting the Gaza war held into Monday evening, allowing Palestinians to leave homes and shelters as negotiators resumed talks in Cairo... #Cairo #Israel #Gaza Strip

Aug 12, 2014

Egypt-hosted Gaza talks to continue as Israel-Hamas cease-fire holds for second day

A temporary Israel-Hamas truce is holding for a second day as marathon, indirect negotiations on a lasting cease-fire and a long-term solution for the battered Gaza Strip are to resume in Cairo... #Cairo #Israel #Egypt #Hamas #Gaza Strip #Jerusalem

Aug 19, 2014

Israelis, Palestinians Resume Talks on Gaza Deal

Following Egypt's announcement of a 24-hour extension of a cease-fire, Palestinian and Israeli leaders met in Cairo to negotiate details about the future of the Gaza Stri... #Cairo #Gaza Strip #Egypt #Israel #Palestine

Aug 11, 2014

Lull in Gaza as Israel-Hamas cease-fire holding ahead of resumption of talks in Cairo

Israel says a new cease-fire with the militant Hamas group is holding in the Gaza Strip, a day after the two sides agreed to resume talks in Cairo... #Cairo #Israel #Hamas #Gaza Strip #Jerusalem

Aug 14, 2014

Egypt: Israel, Hamas to Extend Temporary Truce

(CAIRO) — Israel and Hamas agreed to extend a temporary cease-fire for five days, Egyptian and Palestinian officials announced Wednesday, permitting the sides to continue to negotiate a substantive deal to end the war in Gaza. MoreThe Accidental War ... #Israel #Egypt #Hamas

Aug 26, 2014

Egypt State Media Announces Gaza War Cease-Fire

(CAIRO) — Egyptian state media has announced a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel to halt the seven-week Gaza war, which has killed over 2,200 people. Both Egyptian state television and the state news agency MENA announced the deal Tuesday night. Bo... #Israel #Egypt #Hamas

Aug 18, 2014

Egypt: No Deal Yet on Gaza Cease-Fire, More Talks

(CAIRO) — The Egyptian government has announced a 24-hour extension in cease-fire talks between Israel and the Hamas militant group. The announcement came late Monday, less than an hour before a temporary truce was set to expire in the Gaza war. In a... #Israel #Egypt #Hamas #Gaza Strip

Aug 09, 2014

Gaza fighting appears to settle into a war of attrition

Amid efforts to revive stalled talks in Cairo, Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip traded blows again Saturday, with a volley of rockets fired toward Israel and the Israeli military striking dozens of targets across the coastal... #Cairo #Israel #Gaza Strip