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Jul 17, 2014

BSP MP: Government Resignation May Be Delayed

The resignation of Bulgaria's Government may be postponed, said the ruling Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) MP Borislav Gutsanov.  “It is possible that the resignation of the government will be delayed, because of the eventual budget update,” Gutsanov... #Bulgaria #Socialist Party

Jul 12, 2014

Sergey Stanishev To Seek Re-election As PES Leader

The outgoing Bulgarian Socialist Party leader Sergrey Stanishev who was elected MEP said he would not seek appointment as the Bulgarian European commissioner, reports He, however, announced his ambitions to seek re-election as head of the... #Sergey Stanishev #European Parliament #Socialist Party

Jul 10, 2014

PSEi breaks two-day slide on Fed, BSP comments

Following a rebound in overseas markets, Philippine share prices broke a two-day slide Thursday after the local and US central banks said they will keep interest rates unchanged for the time being... #Sergey Stanishev #European Parliament #Socialist Party

Jul 18, 2014

Bulgarian Fmr President's Party to Call Poll on Presidential Republic

President (2002-2011) Georgi Parvanov's Alternative for Bulgarian Revival (ABV) is to hold a national referendum on whether the country should be a presidential republic. Parvanov, who is also a former Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader who split... #Bulgaria #Georgi Parvanov #Socialist Party

Jul 17, 2014

Bulgaria's Parliament Puts Off Debates on Budget Overhaul

Lawmakers have decided to postpone discussions on budget act amendments proposed by the government, MPs say. The changes to the 2014 fiscal plan were due to be debated Thursday, but are not included into the agenda as the main ruling Bulgarian Social... #Bulgaria #Credit Agricole #Socialist Party #Commercial Bank

Jul 11, 2014

Bulgarian Parliament Fails to Defeat President's Competition Act Veto

Lawmakers upheld a veto on amendments to the Competition Protection Act imposed by Bulgaria's President Rosen Plevneliev. Friday's vote was the first time the current Parliament did not reject a presidential veto, with a total of nine motions (includ... #Bulgaria #Socialist Party #World Bank #Volen Siderov

Jul 22, 2014

Bulgarian Business Associations 'Mull State Lockout' over KTB

Two major associations representing employers and the industry sector could announce the first lock-out in Bulgaria's history, a Bulgarian daily reports. The Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (CEIBG) and the Bulgarian Industri... #Bulgaria #Credit Agricole #Socialist Party #Commercial Bank

Jul 11, 2014

PHL banks tighten Q2 consumer credit line, but open to big business – BSP survey

Most banks kept credit standards to big businesses unchanged in the second quarter due to steady demand, a Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) survey showed... #Bulgaria #Credit Agricole #Socialist Party #Commercial Bank

Jul 13, 2014

Korneliya Ninova Also in Bulgarian Socialist Party Chairperson Race

Lawmaker Korneliya Ninova has said she is to place her bid for the presidency of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP). The senior partner in Bulgaria's government (which is to resign later in July) is to choose its next leader after Sergey Stanishev, ... #Bulgaria #Sergey Stanishev #Socialist Party #Stefan Danailov

Jul 16, 2014

Bulgaria's FM Vigenin 'to Be EU Commissioner Candidate'

Outgoing Bulgarian Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin will be the government's nomination to become the next EU Commissioner from the country, ruling party sources say. Citing high-profile officials, members of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) told... #European Union #Bulgaria #Sergey Stanishev #Jean-Claude Juncker #European Parliament #Socialist Party