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Sep 14, 2014

Airbnb Under Fire From New 'Share Better' Campaign

The battle over the so-called sharing economy is heating up as New Yorkers question the impact of home-sharing sites like Airbnb. A campaign called " Share Better ," launched Friday by a coalition of elected officials, housing activists and hotel own... #New York (state) #Airbnb

Sep 02, 2014

Meet The Open-Source Startup That Wants To Automate Your Next App

Some people watch TV in their spare time. Others play basketball. Mitchell Hashimoto, overachiever that he is, started an open-source project. And not just any project. In 2010, Hashimoto used his spare time to turn his college dorm room into Vagrant... #New York (state) #Airbnb

Aug 25, 2014

Airbnb Hands Over 124 Hosts To New York Attorney General

As part of Airbnb's ongoing tussle with New York state, the company said it will provide the names and addresses of a select 124 hosts—and anonymous information on an additional 16,000—to the New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman. In a Friday b... #Eric T. Schneiderman #New York (state)

Aug 23, 2014

Airbnb to reveal 124 New York hosts to attorney general

Airbnb will hand over information on 124 of its hosts in New York to comply with a request from the state attorney general, who is investigating the legality of the service, the company said Friday. The attorney general sought unredacted personal inf... #Eric T. Schneiderman #New York (state) #Airbnb

Aug 24, 2014

We wanted the web for free but the price is deep surveillance

Advertising has become the online business model but by its very nature it involves corporations spying on users to produce more targeted results 'Be careful what you wish for," runs the adage. "You might just get it." In the case of the internet, or... #Eric T. Schneiderman #New York (state) #Airbnb

Aug 22, 2014

Airbnb to Hand Data on 124 Hosts to New York Attorney General

In a blog post late Friday night, room-sharing service Airbnb said it agreed to hand over information on some of its hosts to the New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office... #Eric T. Schneiderman #New York (state) #Airbnb

Aug 22, 2014

Airbnb to Expose 124 Hosts to New York Attorney General

Airbnb plans to hand over the names and addresses of 124 hosts on its service to the New York attorney general, the company said in a blog post Friday... #Eric T. Schneiderman #New York (state) #Airbnb

Aug 21, 2014

Microsoft jumps into NoSQL market with new Azure data store

Jumping into the growing NoSQL market, Microsoft has debuted a simple data store through the Azure cloud hosting service. The document database is well suited for organizations or startups that need a back-end database for storing data on a mobile or... #Eric T. Schneiderman #New York (state) #Airbnb