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Aug 13, 2014

There Won't Be More 'Blacklist' or 'Hannibal' Hits If Television Won't Bring In New Voices

With Shonda Rhimes, Alex Kurtzman and Robero Orci and Chuck Lorre all appearing with three series on television this year, we have to start wondering something: is the tradition of having the same set of people handle multiple shows at once hurting t... #Shonda Rhimes #Chuck Lorre

Aug 15, 2014

United Nations security council unanimously blacklists Islamist militants in Iraq and Syria video

The United Nations security council votes unanimously to adopt a resolution to blacklist those who finance, recruit or supply weapons to Islamic State (IS) insurgents. The resolution currently places six members of IS, including the spokesperson Abu ... #Syria #Iraq #United Nations

Aug 17, 2014

Rome's mayor launches furious attack on UK Government after it blacklists city

Mayor Ignazio Marino accused the UK’s Foreign Office of spreading lies about Rome, after it advised British holidaymakers to beware of gangs targeting famous tourist sites... #Syria #Iraq #United Nations