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Jul 08, 2014

T-Mobile might not be quite the trendsetter we thought it was

T-Mobile has definitely become a wireless trendsetter but it can’t claim sole responsibility for the latest hot trend in the wireless industry. FierceWireless reports that Verizon has actually been offering a free trial service to potential customers...

Jul 04, 2014

World leaders look to BlackBerry over security fears

BlackBerry might be under pressure due to the rise of Android smartphones and Apple iPhone devices, but the company is seeing adoption of its devices by people concerned about security...

Jun 20, 2014

Sir Martin Sorrell Speaks From the Croisette on Publicis-Omnicom and Content

CANNES, France—WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, in a sitdown with Adweek in the sun-dappled Mediacom suite at the Martinez hotel, continued his dissection of the failed Publicis-Omnicom merger. "It didn't do the industry any good," Sorrell said of the dea... #Martin Sorrell #Omnicom Group Inc. #James Cooper

Jun 18, 2014

Long-suffering BlackBerry fans will finally get the apps they’ve been pining for

One major problem for BlackBerry over the past several years has been the huge app gap that its own BlackBerry World app store faces with Google Play and the iTunes App Store. Although some BlackBerry diehards have bravely insisted that BlackBerry Wo... #Martin Sorrell #Omnicom Group Inc. #James Cooper

Jun 16, 2014

The most secure version of BBM ever is now available

BBM is still a hugely popular messaging app and now there’s a new version of it that promises to be the most secure mobile messaging platform in the world. BlackBerry on Monday announced the availability of BBM Protected, which functions just as BBM ... #Martin Sorrell #Omnicom Group Inc. #James Cooper