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Black Butterfly

Black Butterfly

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Aug 10, 2014

How the summers Mediterranean weather brought rare birds and insects to Britain

Bee-eaters, stilts and rare butterflies have appeared in the UK for the first time in years, tempted by the unusually hot summer sunshine Exotic and colourful bee-eaters snatching dragonflies out of mid-air. Black-winged stilts birds with legs as lon...

Aug 09, 2014

Butcher boys make the grade - and carve out a multi-million business

The indigenous agri-business sector is important to the national economy in that it provides valuable employment and serves as the primary outlet for the produce of thousands of family farms throughout Ireland. I kept this in mind when I visited Mich...

Aug 13, 2014

Robin Williams' daughter Zelda harassed on social media

Robin Williams’ daughter is taking a break from social media after receiving harassing messages in the wake of her father’s apparent suicide. Zelda Williams had shared some of her grief and remembrances on her Twitter and Instagram accounts following...