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Jul 28, 2014

Sajid Nadiadwala Paid 1.5 Crores For A Song In Kick

Sajid Nadiadwala who was once married to Divya Bharti has clearly paid a tribute for her in his film Kick. Divya Bharti who was just 19 when she passed away suddenly on April 5, 1993 and shocked everyone after her short-live...

Jul 07, 2014

Dirty air in India clouding solar bid

NEW DELHI -- India's ambition to skip a generation of electricity technology starting with the use of solar panels on telecommunications towers is being hampered by dust and urban sprawl. Just 1 percent of the nation's 400,000 mobile telephone masts ... #India #New Delhi #PricewaterhouseCoopers #Vodafone #Narendra Modi #Bharti Airtel