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Bend It Like Beckham

Bend It Like Beckham

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Sep 16, 2014

Hollywood actress Keira Knightley admits struggle with criticism in past but insists she's now accepted who she is and how she looks

THE British actress, who got her big break in Bend It Like Beckham aged 17, insists she's finally come to terms with how she looks and is more chilled out because she avoids the internet... #Hollywood #Keira Knightley

Sep 11, 2014

Desi Rascals: why British Asians fare best on reality TV

Gurinder Chadhas British Asian take on Towie is coming. From the Siddiquis on Gogglebox to Musharaf on Educating Yorkshire, reality TV has done us proud Television drama can be a two-dimensional place for British Asian characters. When theyre not dia... #Gurinder Chadha #Bend, OR

Sep 02, 2014

Judge fines, praises Premier League pitch invader that took a free kick: 'you did bend it like Beckham'

"I understand that the professional footballer who followed you did not do any better.... #Gurinder Chadha #Bend, OR

Sep 01, 2014 | Fan fined for pitch invasion

A football fan was fined £305 after 'bending it like Beckham' when he ran onto the pitch and cheekily took a free kick... #Gurinder Chadha #Bend, OR