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Jun 22, 2014

Casey Kasem's voice heard at private memorial

Casey Kasem's family and close friends celebrated him in the same way much of America did -- by listening to his unmistakable radio voice. Mourners at a small private memorial Saturday for Kasem heard his old radio shows, including "American Top 40,"... #Joni Mitchell #Jimi Hendrix #David Campbell #Stephen Sondheim #Casey Kasem #Bee Gees

Jul 06, 2014

Can Once-Famous Gaming Giant Atari Turn a New Generation on to Pong?

Brands come and brands go, but only rarely does one dig its own grave. That’s exactly what Atari did 31 years ago. It was 1983, and so poor were the sales of the brand’s 20 or so titles (in particular, E.T., generally believed to be the worst video g... #New Mexico #Bee Gees #Landor Associates #Steve Wozniak

Jul 01, 2014

Austin and Elliot bring sweet harmonies to COOP in Greenfield

The duo will be releasing their next collection of songs, "Cradle and Crow," in the fall. The Bee Gees and AC/DC hardly seem like markers along the road to folk music, but that's the path Chris Elliot of Austin and Elliot took. Elliot and his partner... #Massachusetts #Pink Floyd #Randy Newman #MTA #AC/DC #J.J. Cale #Bee Gees

Jun 27, 2014

Dance Review: Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival alive with Unreal Hip-Hop

Unreal Hip-Hop performs through Sunday at Jacob&aposs Pillow Dance Festival in Becket. BECKET - Vivaldi. Louis Armstrong. The Bee Gees. Fred Astaire. Lionel Richie. The theme song from Mister Rogers Neighborhood. All these songs and many more serve a... #Fred Astaire #Louis Armstrong #Lionel Richie #Doris Duke #Bee Gees #Four Seasons