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Aug 15, 2014

Fitch upgrades Ireland's rating to A-

The credit ratings agency Fitch has upgraded Ireland's sovereign debt rating to A- from BBB+...

Aug 02, 2014

Gold buyers' 'top price' ad claim fails, BBB investigation shows

Only four of 14 Grand Rapids retailers visited as part of the investigation paid top dollar, according to the Better Business Bureau...

Aug 16, 2014

BBB alerts Oklahoma residents of 'Microsoft' tech support scam

By Paula Burkes, Business Writer Swindlers posing as computer experts and using the Microsoft name have been calling Oklahomans, claiming they can remove bugs from the Oklahomans’ virus-infected computers — for a fee. Kitt Letcher, president of the B... #Oklahoma #Microsoft Corporation

Aug 15, 2014

Ireland's credit rating upgraded to A- by Fitch

GLOBAL ratings agency Fitch has upgraded Ireland’s credit rating as the country’s cost of borrowing fell to a new record low today. Fitch upgraded Ireland tonight to A- from BBB+ with a stable outlook. Now two of the three main credit ratings agencie... #Oklahoma #Microsoft Corporation

Aug 15, 2014

BBB Warning: 'Click Bait' scams exploit Robin Williams’ death

Whenever a major story dominates the news, scammers take advantage of the public's interest with online photos, stories and social media links that claim to offer sensational details. This tactic is called "click baiting.... #Oklahoma #Microsoft Corporation