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Aug 29, 2014

Keep Negativity Out Of Q&A: Obama And 'We Don't Have A Strategy Yet'

Yesterday, after Barack Obama held a press briefing to address the tumultuous events taking place in the Middle East, NBC’s Chuck Todd asked him, “Do you need Congress's approval to go into Syria?... #Syria #Middle East #Barack Obama

Aug 31, 2014

Car connected to threat against Obama located in Connecticut

A car sought in connection with a suspected threat against President Barack Obama has been located in Connecticut, authorities said on Saturday... #Barack Obama #Connecticut

Aug 30, 2014

Those with health coverage through Obama's law may face a challenge in getting tax-return form

If you got health coverage through President Barack Obama's law this year, you'll need a new form from your insurance exchange before you can file your tax return next spring... #Barack Obama #Washington

Aug 28, 2014

Morning Must Reads: August 28

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Aug 28, 2014

US weighs more sanctions on Moscow as tanks cross into Ukraine from Russia

With Russian tanks apparently crossing into southeastern Ukraine, President Barack Obama is suggesting the possibility of more sanctions on Russia... #Barack Obama #Washington

Aug 29, 2014

In Defense of Barack Obama’s Tan Suit

Just because he wore a suit that wasn't a shade of gray or blue doesn't mean you should have a problem with i... #Barack Obama #Washington

Aug 28, 2014

Obama Does Not Plan Escalation Against Islamic State

President Barack Obama signaled the U.S. has no immediate plans to escalate military operations against Islamic State extremists in Iraq or Syria... #Syria #Iraq #Barack Obama

Aug 29, 2014

Morning Must Reads: August 29

‘We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet’ MoreMorning Must Reads: August 28Morning Must Reads: August 27Boy With Brain Tumor Found Alive in Spain, Parents Arrested NBC NewsSen. Feinstein: Obama 'Too Cautious' on ISIS NBC NewsFad or The Future? Why Wearable Tech... #Syria #Iraq #Barack Obama

Aug 25, 2014

If Social Media Can Get You Elected, Why Shouldn't It Help You Govern?

Social media has changed the way we communicate. But it often seems to produce more chatter than substance, like a virtual Tower of Babel, with many discordant voices clamoring to be heard. Social media – at its worst – obscures more than it reveals.... #Syria #Iraq #Barack Obama

Aug 29, 2014

Rand Paul: Bill Would Fire Hillary

In a speech Friday, the likely 2016 Presidential hopeful also took a jab at Barack Obam... #Barack Obama #Rand Paul