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Jul 10, 2014

Picture of smiling Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl posing with Taliban leader surfaces on Twitter

A Taliban-linked group tweeted a picture Wednesday that appears to show one of its top commanders standing with a smiling U.S. Army Sgt... #Taliban #Bowe R Bergdahl

Jul 10, 2014

Officials: U.S. Drone Strike in Pakistan Kills 6

(DERA ISMAIL KHAN, Pakistan) — A suspected American drone fired two missiles at a compound in a troubled Pakistani tribal region on Thursday, killing six militants, two intelligence officials said. The strike happened in the town of in Datta Khel in ... #Pakistan #Asia

Jul 08, 2014

Vietnam Grounds Helicopters After Crash

The Vietnamese army grounded its fleet of Mi-171 helicopters following Monday's aircraft crash on the edge of Hanoi that left 18 military personal dead and three seriously injured... #Pakistan #Asia

Jul 09, 2014

Top general "misspoke" when he cited his son's unit experience to defend army data system

Gen. John Campbell, the Army's vice chief of staff, cited his son's experiences as a soldier in Afghanistan to answer a senator's tough questions last year about a troubled intelligence technology system... #Afghanistan #John Campbell #Washington

Jul 08, 2014

Israeli army launches offensive operation on Gaza Strip to quell rocket attacks

The Israeli army said it launched an offensive operation early Tuesday against the Gaza Strip to quell rocket attacks, and a Palestinian official said Israeli airstrikes injured at least nine Palestinians... #Gaza Strip #Jerusalem

Jul 10, 2014

Joint Chiefs endorse Bergdahl swap

All seven members of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff support the controversial swap of five Taliban prisoners for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, letters released by the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee show... #Taliban #Senate Armed Services Committee #Bowe R Bergdahl #Joint Chiefs of Staff

Jul 09, 2014

Israel hits key Hamas targets in Gaza Strip in second day of offensive

The Israeli army says it has intensified its offensive on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, striking key Hamas sites in the second day of an operation aimed at quelling rocket fire against Israel... #Israel #Hamas #Gaza Strip #Jerusalem

Jul 08, 2014

In Mexico, blood and bullet marks raise suspicion about army's version of confrontation

Bullet marks and blood spatters on the walls inside a grain storage warehouse deep in the mountains of southern Mexico tell a grim story of death involving soldiers and alleged criminals... #Israel #Hamas #Gaza Strip #Jerusalem

Jul 08, 2014

Israel and Hamas Trade Attacks as Tension Rises

Israel carried out extensive air attacks in response to heavy rocket fire and authorized a major call-up of army reserves for an extended campaign against militants in Gaza... #Israel #Hamas #Gaza Strip

Jul 07, 2014

Army vet reunites with service dog Maximus

Maximus is home. A retired army soldier in Olympia, Wash., has been reunited with his beloved service dog after the puppy was believed to have been stolen from his yard June 30... #Israel #Hamas #Gaza Strip