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Jul 30, 2014

Argentina FA chief Grondona hospitalized

Argentina Football Association president Julio Grondona is hospitalize...

Jul 31, 2014

Argentina Teeters on Default as Talks Collapse

Argentina teetered on the brink of its second default in 13 years after talks with bondholders collapsed late Wednesday. The setback, after glimmers of hope in recent days that an agreement could be reached, sent Argentine stocks plunging in after-ho...

Jul 31, 2014

In Hedge Fund, Argentina Finds Relentless Foe

A court has ruled that unless Argentina settles a debt dispute with a hedge fund, it is barred from paying its main bondholders...

Jul 31, 2014

Ginobili will not play for Argentina at World Cup

San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili will not play for Argentina at FIBA World Cu... #Manu Ginobili #San Antonio Spurs

Jul 31, 2014

Argentine Debt Feud Finds Much Fault, Few Fixes

Argentina's default on $29 billion in debt brought a stock-market selloff and finger pointing by the Argentine government and creditors. But investors held out hope that a resolution to the crisis could be reached... #Manu Ginobili #San Antonio Spurs

Jul 29, 2014

Carlos Tevez's father kidnapped, then released

Father of Juventus star Carlos Tevez kidnapped in Argentina, then released unharme... #Manu Ginobili #San Antonio Spurs

Jul 30, 2014

As Talks Falter, Bond Default by Argentina Appears Likely

Barring a last-minute deal, Argentina will default on billions of dollars of bonds on Wednesday. But the reaction will probably be muted because this default is not a surprise... #Manu Ginobili #San Antonio Spurs

Jul 31, 2014

Investor in Argentina flap emerges as super PAC donor

Paul Singer, a major hedge fund investor, is among the biggest donors to super PACs... #Manu Ginobili #San Antonio Spurs

Jul 30, 2014

Ratings agency S&P says Argentina in 'selective default' amid talk with creditors in New York

Standard & Poor's says some Argentine bonds are in 'selective default' in what could be the start of a wave of downgrades amid a standoff between the South American country and some creditors... #Manu Ginobili #San Antonio Spurs

Jul 26, 2014

Argentina Bonds Dispute Up in Air

Argentine negotiators headed home empty-handed after another fruitless trip to the U.S., leaving just a few days before a dispute with a small group of creditors could see the country default for the second time in 13 years... #Manu Ginobili #San Antonio Spurs