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Jul 23, 2014

Argentina's embattled vice president back in court for new case, adding to government woes

Argentina's embattled Vice President was back in court Wednesday, this time over false data in documents for an old car that he bought about 20 years ago...

Jul 23, 2014

Argentina zoo rejects moving its last polar bear to Canada despite animal activists' concerns

Argentina's last captive polar bear will remain in the country despite a petition by more than a half million people asking that it be moved to Canada... #Canada #Mendoza, Argentina

Jul 20, 2014

Mayer upsets Ferrer in Hamburg for 1st title

Argentina's Leonardo Mayer upsets top-seeded David Ferrer in Hamburg for 1st ATP titl... #Hamburg #David Ferrer

Jul 23, 2014

Judge Orders Argentina and New York Hedge Funds to Negotiate

Under the looming cloud of a default, the two sides have been ordered to meet with a mediator “continuously” until they can come to an agreement... #Hamburg #David Ferrer

Jul 18, 2014

Argentina-China Deals Reflect Asian Country's Growing Influence

Argentina and China are set to ink multibillion dollar infrastructure-financing and currency-swap deals during a two-day visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping... #China #Xi Jinping

Jul 17, 2014

Jazz legend aides pot smuggler in letter to judge

Jazz great Herbie Hancock has gone to bat for a convicted marijuana smuggler who spent more than a decade on the lam in Argentina before he was returned to New York City to face the music... #China #Xi Jinping

Jul 18, 2014

Relatives of Argentina bombing victims demand justice 20 years after terror attack

The relatives of 85 people killed in Argentina's deadliest terror attack are demanding justice and calling on their government to annul an agreement with Iran to investigate the bombing 20 years ago... #Iran #Buenos Aires

Jul 15, 2014

Nielsen winners: 'Extant,' 'The Strain,' World Cup

Halle Berry's series draws 9.6 million; the Germany-Argentina final is the third-most-watched soccer game ever... #Iran #Buenos Aires

Jul 15, 2014

Experts say 'world's saddest' polar bear miserable in Argentina zoo

Arturo the Argentine polar bear has been lonely and miserable ever since his long-time companion died in 2012, animal experts say. Now, enduring 95-degree heat alone, he's fallen into depression and has started exhibiting odd behavior... #Iran #Buenos Aires

Jul 16, 2014

If Argentina Settles Debt Dispute, More Claims Could Come

If Argentina settles with the holdout creditors that won court-ordered awards, economists say the country could be on the hook for about $13 billion in additional claims—far less than the $120 billion some local politicians have suggested... #Iran #Buenos Aires