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Aug 15, 2014

Sara Pascoe takes lively tour of her magpie mind Edinburgh 2014 review

Assembly George Square, Edinburgh From sperm selection to sexual anthropology to dating woes, a super-entertaining Pascoe gets personal Sara Pascoe has been looking at history's epic romances, seeking useful instruction as she tries for the first tim... #Edinburgh #Eva Braun

Aug 04, 2014

Peace campaigners protest at official commemorations of first world war

Anti-war vigils and demonstrations by pacifists emphasise that 'route to war was not scripted: there are always choices' Wearing a Tommy's helmet and with a placard around his neck emblazoned with the words of first world war veteran Harry Patch, "Wa... #Manchester #Carol Ann Duffy #London

Aug 09, 2014

Glasgow a friendly city? True enough, but this was not always its reputation

The citys good humour seems to have become its official characteristic, bolstered by all this Commonwealth cheer. But of course, its a bit more complicated than that Glasgow is now established as one of the worlds friendliest cities, perhaps the frie... #London #Scotland #Glasgow