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Jul 24, 2014

'Angry Birds Transformers' Trailer Shows Toys In Action

Today Rovio released a game-play trailer for Angry Birds Transformers to offer more details into the physical toys in game-play mechanics...

Jul 17, 2014

Angry birds face down and then chase off fox after it tried to grab their young

A fox that decided to prey on a chick was left with its tail between its legs when it was chased off by a pair of adult cranes...

Jul 26, 2014

'Running Wild with Bear Grylls' review: Zac Efron, other celebs put to the test

THE SHOW "Running Wild With Bear Grylls" WHEN | WHERE Premieres Monday night at 8 on NBC/4 WHAT IT'S ABOUT TV's pre-eminent survivalist, Bear Grylls, returns to prime time in this limited, one-hour series in which he takes celebrities -- Zac Efron, B... #MSNBC #Tom Arnold #Ben Stiller #Channing Tatum #Deion Sanders #Zac Efron #Tamron Hall

Jul 21, 2014

Unboxing the YouTube phenomenon that lets you see what you're getting

First it was 'haul girls' showing off their purchases, now it's videos of people unpackaging toys and they're potentially making millions What do you need to be a YouTube sensation? An international pop career? A witty Game of Thrones spoof? Footage ... #YouTube #Pixar

Jul 10, 2014

Kids, Angry Birds and Robots Could Lead to Rehab Tool

Robots who are taught to play “Angry Birds” could someday be used to help children with disabilities, according to Georgia Tech researchers... #YouTube #Pixar

Jul 13, 2014

Robot learns how to play Angry Birds and helps children with disabilities in the process

At the Georgia Institute of Technology, researchers are using a humanoid robot, an Android tablet and "Angry Birds" to advance a project that will help the rehabilitation of children with disabilities. The post Robot learns how to play Angry Birds an... #YouTube #Pixar

Jul 17, 2014

Come to TechCrunch Helsinki Meetup With Aaltoes, July 23

Well Helsinki, we’ve decided that you can’t have all Angry Birds fun to yourself. We’re continuing our European roadshow to promote TechCrunch Disrupt Europe in London (October 20-21) by holding a Meetup in this fair city, home of the famous Rovio, a... #Europe #London #Helsinki #TechCrunch #Rovio

Jul 27, 2014

Got a gun? Don’t rage at a taxi driver

WATCH: The bird. Angry shouts. All part of your normal, daily road-rage experience? When someone pulled a gun on a Manila taxi driver, it was just another escalation... #Europe #London #Helsinki #TechCrunch #Rovio

Jul 11, 2014

Kids Can Now Teach Robots To Play Angry Birds – For Science!

In what must be the cutest example of human-robot interaction I’ve seen in recent months, researchers at Georgia Tech are helping kids teach robots how to play Angry Birds and, in the process, help the kids regain muscle movement and control. The pro... #Europe #London #Helsinki #TechCrunch #Rovio

Jul 29, 2014

What Angry Birds Can Teach Old Sales Pros About New Sales Tricks

Sales veterans, don't endure a Willy Loman twilight. Get the knack for social media and you'll dream of what you might have done with it back-in-the-day... #Europe #London #Helsinki #TechCrunch #Rovio