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Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

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Aug 13, 2014

Newly Discovered Tomb in Greece Largest Ever

The sepulcher appears to date from the reign of Alexander the Grea... #Greece #Macedonia

Aug 26, 2014

Game over for Greece's mystery grave: Tomb raiders plundered site in antiquity - dashing hopes of finding artefacts dating back to Alexander the Great's reign

Archaeologists had hoped that the ancient mound in Amphipolis, Greece, contained the untouched remains of an important senior official from the time of Alexander the Great... #Greece #Macedonia

Aug 20, 2014

Hypnotic radio voices paint a far more vivid picture than TV ever can: Why I'm glad I never saw a picture of James Alexander Gordon until after his final broadcast, writes QUENTIN LETTS

Only when I read the story’s opening paragraph did I realise, with sorrow, that this unfamiliar face belonged to one of the great voices on our airwaves — James Alexander Gordon... #Greece #Macedonia