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Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great

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Sep 15, 2014

What lies beyond the third chamber? Archaeologists move further inside Alexander the Great tomb - but will it collapse?

A team of researchers has made their way into the third chamber of the tomb, in the Amphipolis region of Serres, through a wall (pictured) that was only recently uncovered...

Sep 08, 2014

Does the Alexander the Great-era tomb contain treasure after all?

Experts believe that the ancient mound, around 65 miles (100km) from Thessaloniki, was built for a prominent Macedonian in around 300 to 325BC...

Aug 26, 2014

Game over for Greece's mystery grave: Tomb raiders plundered site in antiquity - dashing hopes of finding artefacts dating back to Alexander the Great's reign

Archaeologists had hoped that the ancient mound in Amphipolis, Greece, contained the untouched remains of an important senior official from the time of Alexander the Great...