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Jul 17, 2014

Edie Campbell stars in Alexander McQueen fall campaign

It was shot in London by Steven Klein and showed off the 'romantic and wild beauty' from the Fall/Winter 2014/15 show held earlier this year in Paris... #London #Paris #Alexander McQueen

Jul 26, 2014

Scorn of 'stitch bitch' Alexander McQueen... designer who dressed (and dissed!) the A-list: Banning Posh from free frocks. Assaulting Madonna (with a spud). What couture's bad boy REALLY thought of his clients revealed by his live-in lover

Alexander McQueen was the enfant terrible of the fashion world but he loathed Victoria Beckham 'a pop star who can't even sing' and hated disloyalty as Kate Moss found out... #Kate Moss #Victoria Beckham #Alexander McQueen

Jul 30, 2014

Alexander McQueen banned Victoria Beckham from wearing his clothes and threw a potato at Madonna’s head

The designer who dressed, and dissed, the A list, tragically took his own life in the height of his illustrious career. Lee “Alexander” McQueen’s former lover Archie Reed has spoke out about how the talented fashion designer viewed the high profile c... #Kate Moss #Philip Green #Elton John #Anna Wintour #Victoria Beckham #Alexander McQueen #Topshop