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Jul 31, 2014

Jose Mourinho, Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes enter the fray, so how do Sky, BBC, ITV and BBC Sport compare?

Alan Hansen’s retirement has left a void at the BBC and Paul Scholes’s arrival is being perceived as a major coup for BT. How will they fare in the shake-up? Here, Sportsmail runs the rule over the punditry teams that will be discussing the action th... #Rio Ferdinand #Alan Hansen #José Mourinho

Jul 16, 2014

Alan Hansen could return to TV as pundit for Liverpool's Champions League games

CHARLES SALE: BT Sport are expected to grant Alan Hansen his wish to do occasional guest pundit appearances on Liverpool games in the Champions League if the Reds qualify for the 2015-16 competition... #Rio Ferdinand #Alan Hansen #José Mourinho

Jul 15, 2014

Alan Hansen says he was wrong to say Theo Walcott did not have a 'football brain'

Alan Hansen admits he was wrong to say Theo Walcott did not have a ‘football brain’ and has applauded the Arsenal star for ‘showing two fingers’ to his comment... #Theo Walcott #Alan Hansen #Arsenal Football Club