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Jul 30, 2014

Indian Ad With Female Boss Sparks an Uproar: Is It Super Feminist or Super Sexist?

There's a lot going on in this new ad from India, and the Internet is fired up about it. The spot, for mobile provider Airtel, opens on two working professionals in a meeting. A woman, who's the boss, gives her male employees a task, and one protests... #India #O. Henry #Bharti Airtel

Jul 31, 2014

Facebook Offers App With Free Access in Zambia

Facebook and Bharti Airtel launched an app in Zambia to provide free access to Facebook and other online services to people who might otherwise have no Internet access... #Facebook #Bharti Airtel

Jul 31, 2014

Facebook to offer free, limited mobile Internet access in Zambia

Facebook's new mobile app will provide Airtel subscribers in Zambia with free access to the social network and online services that focus on women's rights, health information and employmen... #Facebook #Bharti Airtel

Aug 01, 2014

Zambia Gets Free Facebook Access! (And Internet, Sort Of)

Facebook wants to make sure everyone on the planet can access knowledge, job opportunities—and, of course, create Facebook accounts—through Internet access provided by the social network. The company announced the app on Thursday, a way ... #Mark Zuckerberg #Google Inc. #Facebook #Bharti Airtel