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Jul 25, 2014

In Transit Blog: In Wake of Disasters, an Air Travel F.A.Q.

The downing of the Malaysia Airlines plane and the rocket strike near Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv may leave you with questions about your travel plans. We have answers... #Malaysia Airlines #Tel Aviv

Jul 25, 2014

Air travel a leap of faith, but people can take steps to be informed and follow safe habits

Airline travel requires passengers to make a leap of faith, entrusting their lives to pilots, airlines, air traffic controllers and others who regulate air travel... #Malaysia Airlines #Tel Aviv

Jul 25, 2014

Europe must stand up to Putin now

Cameron: The tragic loss of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 must prove a catalyst for changing Russia’s approach and ending the conflict in Ukraine. Of course, no one is saying that President Vladimir Putin intended flight MH17 to be shot down. It is ... #Vladimir Putin #Europe

Jul 25, 2014

Underwear bomb aboard 2009 flight failed because it was soiled

An explosive smuggled aboard a Northwest Airlines flight in 2009 failed to detonate because the bomber wore the same underwear for two weeks straight and soiled the device... #Vladimir Putin #Europe

Jul 25, 2014

Major Asian stock markets gain on US unemployment data, easing of tensions over downing of jet

Most major Asian stock markets rose Friday after U.S. unemployment claims fell to an eight-year low and tensions over the downing of a Malaysia Airlines jet eased... #Vladimir Putin #Europe

Jul 24, 2014

European airlines cancel more flights to Israel

Air France and Germany's two largest airlines on Wednesday canceled more flights to Tel Aviv because of safety concerns amid the fighting between Israel and Hamas... #Israel #Hamas #Air France-KLM Group #Tel Aviv #Berlin

Jul 23, 2014

Delta's earnings up with Latin America, domestic passengers

Airline passenger revenue rose the most from Latin America and domestic traveler... #Israel #Hamas #Air France-KLM Group #Tel Aviv #Berlin

Jul 23, 2014

Airlines Take Flight on Twitter

After last week's crash of Flight 17, Malaysia Airlines turned to Twitter to keep the world informed about the disaster, while other airlines have tweeted about canceled flights to Tel Aviv after a rocket strike in a suburb near the airport.... #Malaysia Airlines #Tel Aviv

Jul 23, 2014

'Game of Thrones' star sticks it to British Airways after lounge denial

If only the Hound had been there, this weekend's airline situation would have been very different for "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams... #British Airways #Maisie Williams