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Jul 14, 2014

Jet makes emergency landing at Newark

An airliner with 313 people aboard made a harrowing return to Newark Airport for an emergency landing after one of its engines overheated. Air India Flight 144 had just taken off at about 4:30 p.m. when indicators in the cockpit alerted the pilots of... #Boeing #Air India #Newark Liberty International Airport #Mumbai

Jul 02, 2014

Facebook introduces 'missed call' advertising for cost-conscious Indians

Cost-conscious people in India often signal that they want to talk to someone by placing a call and hanging up before the phone is answered, with the idea that the other person will then call them back. Recognizing this trend, Facebook is testing a n... #India #Facebook

Jun 24, 2014

Star Alliance OKs Air India membership

Star Alliance frequent-flier benefits are slated to begin July 11, 2014... #India #Facebook

Jun 24, 2014

Star Alliance OKs Air India membership

Star Alliance frequent-flier benefits are slated to begin July 11, 2014... #India #Facebook

Jul 05, 2014

Special Air India flight carrying Indian nurses freed from Iraq lands in Mumbai

Besides the nurses , the plane is also carrying 137 other Indian nationals, including 70 from Kirkuk in the northern part of Iraq ... #Iraq #Air India #Kirkuk #Mumbai

Jul 14, 2014

Air India Boeing 777 with 313 people onboard makes emergency landing after bird strike on take-off from Newark

An India-bound flight out of New Jersey was forced to return to the airport because of an engine fire sparked by a bird strike... #India #New Jersey #Boeing #Air India

Jul 15, 2014

Loose manhole cover makes New Yorker flip his lid

Ca-CLANK! The loose manhole cover right outside Ron's bedroom window on Central Park West was driving him nuts. He called Con Edison, but said he was given the runaround for weeks. He tossed and turned night after night, showing up for work in shambl... #India #New Jersey #Boeing #Air India

Jul 03, 2014

Shah Jahan's summer palace found opposite Taj Mahal

The Archaeological Survey of India suspects the latest discovery is a palace 'baradari' - a pavilion with 12 doors designed to allow free flow of air... #India #New Jersey #Boeing #Air India

Jul 12, 2014

England v India: first Test - day four as it happened

An extraordinary record tenth wicket partnership between Joe Root and James Anderson brought England back into a game they looked lost in, but India took the lead on day four of the first Test at Trent Bridge 6.38pm BST Odd day. In a sense it was qui... #India #Bootsy Collins #Alastair Cook #James Anderson

Jul 11, 2014

Does Gandhi really belong in Parliament Square?

We shouldn't allow a statue of the 'father of Indian democracy in front of the mother of parliaments' to entrench historical amnesia Mahatma Gandhi's words have long provided grist for instant inspiration. Either via bumper stickers or nuggets of int... #India #United Kingdom #William Hague #George Osborne #Mahatma Gandhi