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Sep 03, 2014

Cheapest air travel? India where it costs a third less than in the UK

Finland and Switzerland are the most expensive places to catch a plane, with Denmark coming out top overall, while India, Malaysia and South Africa are cheapest... #Finland #India #Malaysia

Sep 12, 2014

Pakistani troops expand rescue in flood-hit areas

(AP) -- The Pakistani military stepped up rescue efforts as floods wreaked havoc in more districts of the country's eastern Punjab province on Friday, affecting 1.9 million people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. In neighboring India-contr... #India #Pakistan #Nawaz Sharif

Sep 13, 2014

Pakistan diverts rivers to save cities from floods

(AP) -- Military specialists blew up dikes in central Pakistan to divert swollen rivers and save cities from raging floods that have killed hundreds of people, authorities said Saturday, as officials stepped up efforts in India's part of Kashmir to p... #Pakistan #India #Nawaz Sharif

Aug 26, 2014

Air India plane taken out of service and fumigated after a stowaway rat hitched a ride to New Delhi

The rodent was reportedly spotted on a plane that flew in from the city of Ranchi, and it is at least the fourth reported sighting on an Air India aircraft this year... #New Delhi #Air India

Sep 14, 2014

Pakistan floods: military blows up dikes to save cities from floodwaters

Civil and military officials evacuate residents and air-drop food as floods that have killed hundreds continue to pose threat in Pakistan and Indian Kashmir Military specialists have blown up dikes in central Pakistan to divert swollen rivers and sav... #New Delhi #Air India

Aug 30, 2014

Graeme Swanns straight talking puts old friend Alastair Cook in a spin

The former England spinners criticism of Cooks performance for the one-day side was not well received but Swann has also defended his friend and is proving an astute commentator Emma Johns Observer magazine interview with Alastair Cook Cook disappoin... #India #Andrew Strauss #Ian Bell #Alastair Cook #Graeme Swann

Aug 28, 2014

5 free things to do in Cape Town, South Africa

(AP) -- Cape Town is a place of wry contrasts, a place where you might encounter an international fashion model, a hippie or a "bergie" (beggar). There are urban black townships and picturesque seascapes. A mix of colonial history, the struggle again... #India #Cape Town #Nelson Mandela #YouTube

Aug 27, 2014

Global trash burning more polluting than expected

(AP) -- Rampant trash-burning is throwing more pollution and toxic particles into the air than governments are reporting, according to a scientific study estimating more than 40 percent of the world's garbage is burned. The study published Tuesday in... #China #India #Colorado #National Center for Atmospheric Research #Boulder, CO

Aug 17, 2014

Gautam Gambhirs torment a painful symbol of Indias cricketing decline

The openers 19 balls had onlookers at The Oval squirming, but they served to highlight a wider and rather sad malaise All sports tend towards their own distinct type of emotion. Football retains an indissoluble capacity to generate rage. Tennis has i... #China #India #Colorado #National Center for Atmospheric Research #Boulder, CO

Aug 20, 2014

Despite FAA Setbacks, Amazon Prime Air Makes Notable Engineering, NASA And Aerospace Hires

Something big is going on with Amazon Prime Air, the e-commerce giant’s research project focused on delivering packages in 30 minutes or less using unmanned drones. And it’s not the dubious story about drone testing in India, which frankly, doesn’t p... #India #NASA