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Jul 07, 2014

Teenager admits murdering Domino's Pizza delivery driver who was dropping off the last pizza on his last shift before starting his dream job

Kasim Ahmed, 18, pleaded guilty to murdering delivery driver Thavisha Peiris at Shefflied Crown Court today. Co-defendant Shamraze Khan, 26, denies murder and will stand trial...

Jun 15, 2014

The root cause of Muslim backwardness in Indian subcontinent and the sad story of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

There is no magic wand, it has to start somewhere. Inequities towards Indian Muslims in the Indian subcontinent were not spearheaded by RSS/BJP, it has a long history. I wrote back on 23 December 2006 on why Muslims remained backward, I have rehashed... #Bharatiya Janata Party #Syed Ahmed