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Jul 02, 2014

Facebook introduces 'missed call' advertising for cost-conscious Indians

Cost-conscious people in India often signal that they want to talk to someone by placing a call and hanging up before the phone is answered, with the idea that the other person will then call them back. Recognizing this trend, Facebook is testing a n... #India #Facebook

Jul 09, 2014

Make money from MESSAGING: Chat app rewards users with a share of advertising - and you could earn up to £20 a month

Quack! (pictured) was developed in Spain and users are rewarded for watching video adverts as they chat to friends. Money is paid on a monthly basis... #India #Facebook

Jul 14, 2014

Wonga appoints chairman with blue-chip financial credentials

Andy Haste starts immediately at the payday lender trying to repair reputation after sending thousands of fake legal letters The controversial cuddly puppets used in advertising by payday lender Wonga are being axed a part of a clean-up operation by ... #India #Facebook