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Sep 16, 2014

How Cultural Marketing Is Different From Consumer Insights

Modern marketing efforts are mostly based on the analysis of consumer psychology and behavior. This kind of analysis has proven very effective in reaching consumers with messages about products, services and brands. However, this kind of marketing, t...

Sep 18, 2014

Apple Touts Privacy Benefits of its Platforms

Suddenly, "just trust us" doesn't seem so ridiculous On the eve of the iPhone 6 launch—the company's latest smart phones go on sale Friday morning—Apple has published a new web site that extolls its relationship with customers and their privacy. And ... #Google Inc. #Apple, Inc.

Sep 18, 2014

Brand of the Day: Meet the U.S. Market Leader in E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes may be relatively young product category, but that doesn't mean various brands aren't battling for top spot of a $2 billion market . Beyond the litany of debates over the products—the laws , regulations , whether or not they're ... #Leonardo DiCaprio #Julia Louis-Dreyfus #Reynolds American, Inc. #Stephen Dorff #Facebook #Lorillard Tobacco Company #Spike TV #Comedy Central