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Aug 29, 2014

Top tips for container crops to sow in September

Autumn is coming, but from chard to rocket or sorrel, its simple to keep tasty homegrown salad crops coming through winter Once youve plucked your last tomato of the summer or pulled out your final runner bean, its easy to imagine that the containers...

Sep 15, 2014

'Protect Your River Walk' tags placed on South Side storm drains

Residents in South San Antonio may have noticed new tags glued to sidewalks, just above storm drains. San Antonio River Authority engineers have been busy for months applying more than 1,300 small tags which read "Protect Your River Walk." "I think t...

Sep 13, 2014


Your electrified gizmo has finally given up the ghost. What do you do with that 20-year-old toaster, that ancient clock radio, that 1,200-watt hair dryer, that Tandy 100 laptop computer on the closet shelf so old it’s grown mold, that 27-inch cathode... #Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality #Waste Management, Inc.