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Jul 05, 2014

The science of shopping: digital innovations shaping the future of retail

Stroll the boutiques of Milan without leaving home, lay a bet by voice, try on a dozen frocks without taking your coat off Technology will soon make all these possible The London Eye is probably the right place for blue sky thinking, and there is a l... #London #Richard Branson #Google Inc. #Virgin Media

Jun 17, 2014

Roma teen left for dead in French vigilante attack

(AP) -- A vigilante attack against a Roma teenager raised pressure on the French government Tuesday for its policies toward the ethnic minority even as the president condemned the "unspeakable and unjustifiable" violence that left the boy bleeding an... #Paris #Eastern Europe

Jun 25, 2014

Tagliani finds happy place, speed in NASCAR

An accomplished veteran in open-wheel racing, Alex Tagliani probably could find a full-time ride in the IndyCar series if he wanted it badly enough... #NASCAR #Alex Tagliani