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Jun 28, 2014

Counselor turns around lives of at-risk Bronx students

She is transforming the lives of the Bronx’s most at-risk youth in just 30 days. Many of the juvenile detention students whom counselor Vallerie Cleveland advises at Passages Academy only work with her for roughly one month. The students come to her ...

Jun 30, 2014

Facebook researcher: 'We care about the emotional impact of Facebook'

A Facebook researcher behind a controversial psychology experiment on users has defended the research, saying it was aimed at looking into a common concern that seeing friends post positive content on the social networking website leads people to fee...

Jun 28, 2014

Facebook tweaked news feeds for experiment on users’ emotions

Data scientists with the social network conducted a large scale psychological experiment that involved 689,003 users to see if feelings expressed on the site are contagious...