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God (Don't) Save the Queen?

May 18, 2012

God (Don't) Save the Queen?

With the BBC being accused of acting like the royal PR machinery, it perhaps needs to take more diverse views into account while covering the jubilee celebrations. #OnOurMind #BBC #Queen #Impartiality


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God (Don't) Save the Queen?

Jun 30, 2014

Jurgen Klinsmann upset at referee appointment for USA's World Cup tie vs Belgium

IAN LADYMAN IN SALVADOR: It came as something of a surprise on Monday to hear Jurgen Klinsmann fall in to the tiresome trap of asking questions of the referee's impartiality ahead of Tuesday's last 16 clash with Belgium...
God (Don't) Save the Queen?

Jul 09, 2014

Letters: Teacher tenure bars arbitrary acts

Regarding Anne Michaud's column, "Challenge to teacher tenure revs up" [Opinion, July 2], tenure is a necessary safeguard that allows good teachers to speak freely as professionals on behalf of their students and their families. In New York, teachers... #New York State United Teachers #New York (state) #Albany, NY
God (Don't) Save the Queen?

Jul 08, 2014

This Grand Inquisition won't find 'the truth' of child sex abuse

Theresa May's effort to deflect accusations of a cover-up over child sex crimes will do little to deter abusers or help victims What is a public inquiry? Is it an impartial investigation of past error or a lynch mob? Is it a prelude to an apology or ... #Home Office #Theresa May