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(In)Efficiency in Public Sector Educational Institutes

Mar 01, 2012

(In)Efficiency in Public Sector Educational Institutes

Even a cursory investigation into this unfortunate state of affairs will reveal that the real problem is the poor state of the underlying management and administrative mechanism that governs Public Sector Educational Institutions (PSEI). #Jairam Ramesh #Investment #ConnectTheDots #Narayan Murthy #Fixed assets management #web using credit cards #Vigilance Commission


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(In)Efficiency in Public Sector Educational Institutes

Jul 04, 2014

Dow passes 17,000, and Long Island investors, experts react to milestone

Melkonian: Artificial support for stocks Martin Melkonian, an economics professor at Hofstra University, warned that the Federal Reserve's zero-interest-rate policy is providing artificial support for stocks. Low interest rates on bonds have forced p... #Federal Reserve #Labor Department
(In)Efficiency in Public Sector Educational Institutes

Jul 09, 2014

ISE is ‘best shop window in the world for Ireland Inc’

The head of the Irish Stock Exchange is bustling with ambition for her business. Her neat, surprisingly small office is perched high up in the Irish Stock Exchange's gracious headquarters in the Dublin's Temple Bar. The tall Georgian office windows o... #Dublin, Ireland #Irish Stock Exchange #Europe
(In)Efficiency in Public Sector Educational Institutes

Jul 08, 2014

Avoca lines up CLO as securitisation returns

Dublin based asset manager Avoca has hired Credit Suisse to arrange its latest collateralised loan obligation(CLO) in a sign the European securitisation market is reopening. The €400m deal will invest in slices of European company loans. Dublin-based... #Europe #European Central Bank #Bloomberg