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Jul 26, 2014

Why $10B of China’s money is laundered every month

China has built the world’s second-biggest economy and created a middle class bigger than America’s entire population, but it faces a major problem: The people who get rich there want.....

Jul 17, 2014

Middle-class Chinese children are beasted into shape 'to prepare them for life in the world's largest economy'

These children are among numerous overweight youngsters taking part in a gruelling summer camp at a university in Beijing, China... #China #Beijing

Jul 24, 2014

McFeatters: What future textbooks will say about us

When historians look back on 2014, they will note not just how flagrantly Vladimir Putin disregarded international law or how stubbornly Gaza and Israel kept firing missiles at each other. They will also be puzzled at how poorly the United States han... #Israel #Vladimir Putin #Middle East #U.S. Congress #Crimea #Gaza Strip