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Sep 18, 2014

Air Canada joins WestJet in charging $25 for first checked bag on domestic flights

Just days after WestJet was criticized by travellers for charging $25 to check a bag, Air Canada has quickly followed suit, matching the policy. The country’s largest carrier announced that it was adjusting its first-checked-bag policy to “align it w... #Canada #Caribbean #Air Canada #Porter Airlines

Sep 19, 2014

Hawaiian Airlines Economy Class Seats Ranked Best

What's your comfort level when flying to Hawaii? Please click link above. Mahalo for subscribing to Beat of Hawaii... #Hawaii #Hawaiian Airlines

Sep 19, 2014

Car dealers optimistic as '15 models appear

Car sales on Long Island are strong on the eve of a new model year despite persistent worries about the local economy and middle-class incomes. The Island's auto retailers have clawed their way back from the Great Recession and, along with industry e... #Nissan #Honda #Jeep #Nassau County, NY #Suffolk County, NY #Long Island, NY #St. James, NY