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Sep 14, 2014

Country matters: Harvest bounty from the wild

FROM a dense, high hedgerow, crab apples and elderberries in succulent bunches spill over an old wall, hanging together like lovers in an enchanted swoon. Blackberry brambles, within reach of human hands, make for easier picking and, for a time now, ...

Sep 11, 2014

BlackBerry is ‘researching’ wearables but don’t expect a BerryWatch

Is the world ready for a smartwatch with a full physical QWERTY keyboard? Probably not but that’s the first thing that popped into our heads when we read this report from Computerworld in which John Sims, president of BlackBerry enterprise solutions,...

Sep 11, 2014

iPhone 6: Alexander Amosu to design world's most expensive Apple handset costing £1.7million

The high-class designer, who already has world records for most expensive iPhone 2, Blackberry, designer suit and exclusive champagne, will use 18 carat gol...