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Aug 14, 2014

App lets users in 2G zones make free voice calls

nanu is an Android app designed to deliver clear voice calls when only 2G data is available...

Aug 05, 2014

Nanu takes on Skype with free 2G calls, limited free calls to landlines and mobile phones

Nanu is a new ad-supported app for Android that allows its users to call each other for free even if they use low-bandwidth 2G networks, while it also allows some calls to landlines and mobile numbers for no cost. The app is available in the Google P... #Singapore #Google Inc. #Skype

Aug 14, 2014

Ferguson is what happens when white suburban cops get weapons of war

Michael Browns shooting was one thing. The protests are another. But military might does not belong on Main Street You tell us: Whats your Michael Brown story of racial profiling? Latest from Ferguson: Police fire teargas and rubber bullets You can a... #Missouri #St. Louis, MO #United States

Jul 23, 2014

Death of the ‘dumbphone’ nears

STILL need a reason to upgrade your old phone? Telstra plans to kill off its 2G network in 2016, forcing some old mobile phones into retirement... #Missouri #St. Louis, MO #United States

Aug 03, 2014

Is CBI trying to save Reliance in 2G case?

Prosecutor Uday U Lalit objects to director Ranjit Sinha's attempt to reopen probe and subvert charge shee... #Central Bureau of Investigation #India

Aug 05, 2014

Nanu is an Android app taking on Skype with free calls via 2G and to landlines or mobile phones

There’s yet another calling app on the market that’s out to challenge dominant player Skype. Nanu, an Android app that was launched today, touts the ability to make free calls... Keep reading ... #Central Bureau of Investigation #India

Jul 31, 2014

Meanwhile, Back In Syria …

Syria: Aleppo pounded by Assad's barrel bombs – before/after sat photos show destruction…— Jim Murphy (@jimmurphySF) July 30, 2014 Hassan Hassan suspects that Assad is poised to recapture Aleppo, which wo... #Syria #Jim Murphy #Aleppo, Syria

Jul 23, 2014

Shopping around for Chocolate

Chocolate is one of nature's most generous gifts to mankind and it's no wonder really. From hormonal women to tantrum-prone children, the calming effects of chocolate are nigh on miraculous. It's not for nothing that we use it both to seduce, and to ... #Syria #Jim Murphy #Aleppo, Syria