Women’s WC: WI skipper felt Aussies panic

by Feb 13, 2013

A jubilant Merissa Aguilleira hailed her team's efforts as they reached their first Women's World Cup final after defeating Australia by eight runs in an encounter that went down to the wire.

Australia, chasing 165 runs to win, managed just 156 before they were all out — a result of some tight bowling and excellent fielding from the West Indies team.

Merissa said that her team went on the offensive after she sensed the Aussies panic: "I did sense some panic in their camp when the wickets started falling. That is when we started attacking them."

Merissa Aguilleira appeals for an LBW decision. ICC/Solaris Images

Merissa Aguilleira appeals for an LBW decision. ICC/Solaris Images

The WI skipper said that the feeling of being in the final was "overwhelming", but it was now time to bring the A-game for the final.

"The final is the time to bring our A-game on the field," she said before adding: "We know the Australians much better now, having played them a few times in India. But that means even they understand us."

The WI skipper also praised Deandra Dottin, who scored 60 runs off 67 balls (10x4, 1x6), talking up her talent: "I think Deandra has a natural talent when it comes to hitting the ball, and she uses it pretty well. Eventually, it's all about adapting to situations."

When the press quizzed her on team celebrations for tonight, Merissa said a "team dinner" plan was in the making.

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