The cricket is exciting but is it good?

by Jan 22, 2013

In the second ODI against India, England, chasing 285, were bowled out for 158. In the third ODI at Ranchi, batting first, England only made 155 after being put in to bat by India.

In a different hemisphere, on a pitch that was offering assistance to swing bowlers, Australia were bowled out for 74 by Sri Lanka, who were outclassed in the Test series.

In another series, New Zealand beat South Africa by one wicket in a thriller. But then again, this was a team that was thrashed rather soundly in the Test series.

India are the top ranked ODI team in the world. AFP

Before India ran into some form, they were getting beaten by Pakistan in the ODIs. It's confusing and perplexing at the same time. If the decade gone by was the age of batting, then could it be that cricket has entered an age of mediocrity?

"The ICC rankings are not absolute but they are parameters in place. But Dhoni and his boys will be feeling good to become world number 1 again," said veteran cricket writer Ayaz Memon.

"From the point of view of the cricket fans, this is fantastic. There is no front-runner as such as we had with Australia for 15 years or West Indies before them. Now, that's no longer the case. And if I have to define the age then it would be 'topsy-turvy' for me," Ayaz added.

If you had to put any team ahead of the pack at the moment, then it would be South Africa.

"But mainly because they seem to have that winning urge right now."

Watch the entire conversation between Sports Editor Ashish Magotra and Ayaz Memon in the video above.

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