Real vs United: Rooney is ‘a freckled demon’

by Feb 13, 2013

Wayne Rooney has been around for a long time now and he has evolved from being one of the best strikers in the world to a someone who pulls the strings from just behind the strikers. But Real Madrid will not want to get on his wrong side when they take on Manchester United tonight.

In 336 games, Rooney has scored 154 goals for United and it is not a statistic that is to be scoffed at. His work-rate and the manner is which tracks back has improved a great deal in recent years and that makes him an allround player that teams around the world have learned to be wary of.

Van Persie and Rooney will be big for United. Reuters

Van Persie and Rooney will be big for United. Reuters

The Spanish newspaper, Marca, has taken things up a notch before the big game by describing Rooney as a "bulldog" and "freckled demon."

"A freckled demon, built like a barrel packed with gunpowder is on its way to Madrid to try to blow up the Bernabeu. Wayne Rooney is a football player and a British bulldog all rolled into one. To look at him you'd think he was one of the 4,000 British fans on the terraces, there to support United: yelling and drinking beer and jumping the queue to get in through Gate D."

Rooney has never needed to be motivated before a big game but the article might just give him an extra boost before the game.

Read the full article HERE.

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