Match-fixing by umpires: Sri Lanka cricket board to study tapes

Oct 9, 2012

Colombo, Sri Lanka: A Sri Lankan cricket official said Tuesday they are studying tapes of a television sting operation purportedly showing international umpires agreeing with undercover reporters to help fix matches during the concluded World Twenty20.

Sri Lanka Cricket chief executive Ajith Jayasekara said there has been no official communication from the International Cricket Council on allegations by India TV that Sri Lankans were among six international umpires willing to fix matches. He said the local anti-corruption unit will work with the ICC in the investigations.

Representational Image. Getty Images

A television broadcast on Monday purportedly exposes six umpires from Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The ICC said it has launched an urgent investigation and called on the television station to provide the footage.

The ICC said none of the officials mentioned by the station worked as umpires in the World Twenty20 tournament played in Sri Lanka and won by West Indies.


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