Man U sign Crystal Palace wonder-winger for £15 million: reports

by Jan 21, 2013

Manchester United have signed 20-year-old wonder winger Wilfried Zaha for £15 million from Crystal Palace, the UK’s Mirror has reported. The newspaper states that Palace have accepted a fee of £10 million, with the remaining £5 million based on Zaha’s appearances and achievements.

The player reportedly met Sir Alex Ferguson in a London hotel on Sunday night to discuss the move. There is a possibility that he might return to Palace for the rest of the season on a loan deal, but that detail is still to be worked out.

Wilfried Zaha. AP

Zaha made his debut for Palace in March 2010 and established himself in their first team the following season. Over the course of the 2010-11 season, he played a total of 44 games in which he scored one goal and handed out two assists.

It was his display against Manchester United in Palace’s 2-1 victory in last season’s League Cup that first drew the attention of premier league clubs. Zaha’s speed and control caused plenty of problems for the United defense. In March 2012, he was named the Football League’s Young Player of the Year.
In 2011-12, Zaha played in 49 games and scored 9 goals, with five assists.

According to the Mirror’s Palace expert, it is Zaha’s speed and ability to beat his man one-on-one that make him such a desired commodity.

Zaha is currently eligible to represent both the Ivory Coast and England. He has been part of England’s Under-19 and Under-22 sides and last year made his first appearance for the senior team when he came on as a substitute in England’s friendly against Sweden on 14 November. However, he is still eligible for Ivory Coast as it was not a competitive match.

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