It’s tough to be a champion: Saina Nehwal

Dec 13, 2012

London Olympics bronze medallist shuttler Saina Nehwal has said it is tough to be a champion and it gets lonely at the top.

"Looking back, I feel it is tough to be a champion. It gets lonely at the top. But then again, you don't have the time to think about the loneliness. You just have time to train, eat, sleep and get up again, so there is no time left to feel bad," said Saina to BIG CBS PRIME.

I feel it is tough to be a champion- Saina Nehwal. Reuters

"You have your parents who will support you, you have your friends who will be there for you, you have your coach who will guide you. Whatever sacrifices I've made have made me who I am today."

But how does the 22-year-old Hyderabadi celebrate her victories and spend her leisure time?

"I sleep till late on Sundays. I am reserved and I don't like partying but I like going for movies, shopping for gadgets, jackets and shoes and watching tennis. But you don't know how time flies on Sundays," added the shuttler before leaving for the Super Series Finals in China.


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