Number Cruncher: Tanvir’s 6/14 still IPL’s best bowling figures

by Apr 1, 2013

A quick look at some amazing IPL statistics

- 3778 wickets have fallen in IPL till date.

- Chris Gayle's haul of 733 runs in 2012 was the most by any batsman in a single edition.

- The first double-century partnership in IPL came when Adam Gilchrist and Shaun Marsh put up 206 runs for Kings XI Punjab against Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2011.


Sohail Tanvir in action for Rajasthan (2008). AFP

- Guess who has the highest batting strike-rate (at least 100 balls faced)? Virender Sehwag with 167.31

- Sohail Tanvir's 6/14 for Rajasthan Royals in 2008 are still the best bowling figures in the IPL.

- Rajasthan Royals' 58 in 2009 is the lowest total in IPL.

- But the Royals accomplished the highest successful chase in the IPL — scoring 217/7 to beat Deccan Chargers in 2008.

- Rohit Sharma and Suresh Raina, with 42 catches each, are the top fielders in the tournament.

- Paul Valthaty slammed 19 fours on his way to an unbeaten 120 against Chennai Super Kings in 2011. It's the maximum by a batsman in a single innings in the IPL.

- RCB's run of seven wins in a row in 2011 is unbeaten.

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