IPL spot fixing: Jagdale, Shirke welcome Shukla’s decision to quit

Jun 1, 2013

New Delhi: Sanjay Jagdale and Ajay Shirke on Saturday welcomed IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla's decision to step down from the post in view of the recent controversies surrounding the T20 league and said it's time the credibility of Indian cricket was restored.

The resignation of Shukla, who is also a Union Minister, comes as a severe setback to President N Srinivasan who has already been isolated by his team of officials, two of whom --secretary Sanjay Jagdale and treasurer Ajay Shirke -- have already quit.

Rajeev Shukla. AFP

Rajeev Shukla. AFP

"That is his decision. He is at the eye of storm. Perhaps he must have realised the gravity of the situation. It's never too late. But the real issue is how Indian cricket moves ahead and the credibility of BCCI is restored," Shirke said when asked to comment on Shukla's resignation.

Jagdale said, "Whether to resign or not, it's an individual decision and we have got to respect that. I just hope something good comes out of it for Indian cricket that will restore the confidence of the cricket lovers."

One of Srinivasan's demands before stepping down is that Jagdale and Shirke should not be in the new panel as they had ditched him, but former treasurer said he had no issues with that.

"I heard the conditions set by Srinivasan, including the one that I and Sanjay Jagdale should not be in the new panel. I have no issues with that. He is legitimate to feel like that. I have no grudge.

"But that is not the issue. The issue is restoring the credibility of Indian cricket and the Board is the important issue," Shirke said.

A day before the emergency meeting of the working committee in Chennai, Shukla took the decision to quit saying that he felt it necessary to do so in the light of the recent developments.

"I have decided to quit as IPL chairman. It is a decision which I was pondering over for some time. I think it is time to step down," Shukla told PTI.


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