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IPL as it happened: Mumbai prevail despite Dhoni's heroics

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Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings by 23 runs to be crowned IPL 2013 champions

2355: Dhoni may have lost tonight's final, but he's going out with a bang. He's clattered two more sixes off the last over from Pollard, before seeing out the next few deliveries. He then ends it with a four. By the way, he's also got his fifty (63 runs, 45b, 3x4, 5x6). CSK finish at 125-9 in 20 overs.

2350: 19 overs gone, and Dhoni is still at it. He hits Malinga over his head for four, but can only take CSK this far. They need 42 runs off the last over.

2340 Wicket! Ashwin c sub (AR Patel) b Pollard 9 (18b, 0x4, 0x6): Ashwin decides to go the Dhoni way but just cannot get enough power into his shot. He's danced down the track, only to scoop it to midwicket. CSK are 99-9 after 18 overs.

2335: Dhoni's still around and this he's cracked Pollard for a six. Maybe the total is a tad too much, but this is a captain's display from Dhoni - absolutely brilliant attempt if CSK lose and a heroic feat if they win. CSK are 97-8 after 17 overs.

2325: Another six! Dhoni is targeting Ojha... and digs out another six over long-on. Is there going to be a special end to this match? CSK are 83-8 after 15 overs.

2320: Dhoni's not giving up is he? He crashes a flat six off Ojha's over before timing a late cut to perfection for for more in the next over. He knows that CSK's odds of winning this are very slim... but if one man can pull it off, it's him. CSK are 73-8 after 14 overs.

2310 Wicket! Morris c Karthik b Harbhajan 0 (1b, 0x4, 0x6): Edged and taken! Harbhajan generates a bit of extra bounce on this delivery and Morris is gone. It's 58-8 after 11.3 overs.

2305 Wicket! Morkel b Ojha 10 (10b, 0x4, 1x6): Morkel tries to make some space for a big shot but Ojha's quicker one deceives him. The bails are gone and Morkel walks. CSK are 57-7 after 11 overs.

2253: Six! The first real intent from CSK tonight, and it's come off Morkel's bat. In fact, it was a thick edge, but that's enough. CSK are 50-6 after nine overs. Skipper Dhoni is at the other end and has three runs off four balls.

2245 Wicket! Vijay c Sharma b Johnson 18 (20b, 2x4, 0x6): We can't avoid the cliches, so here you go: CSK are losing without a fight. This was probably not expected of the best team in the IPL — but Vijay is also gone, top-edging it straight to the MI skipper. It's 39-6 after 7.3 overs.

2240 Wicket! Jadeja c Pollard b Harbhajan Singh 0 (2b, 0x4, 0x6): They're tumbling like dominoes now. Jadeja wants to get off to a quick start and aims for a big shot... only to be taken at long-off. That was not needed. Not now. CSK are 36-5 after 6.4 overs.

2235 Wicket! Bravo c Johnson b Dhawan 15 (16b, 3x4, 0x6): Just when it seemed CSK had a partnership going for them, Bravo's hit a shot straight to mid-on. Johnson will take those all day and CSK are sliding — it's 35-4 after six overs.

2230: If we though the MI start was bad, then CSK's has been disastrous. But they've managed a couple of fours in the last two overs — Bravo and Vijay both getting one each. With five overs gone, it's 29-3 and Ojha has been introduced into the attack.

2220: Malinga steams in for his second over, but Bravo and Vijay have seen it through. The Sri Lankan's figures are 2/8 now. CSK have gone through three overs, and it's 12-3.

2213 Wicket! Badrinath c Karthik b Johnson 0 (3b, 0x4, 0x6): What is happening! CSK are already three down with Badrinath edging one to the wicket-keeper as he tries to drive it. Mumbai couldn't have asked for a better start in their dreams. It's 3-3 after 1.4 overs.

2208 Wicket! Raina c Smith b Malinga 0 (1b, 0x4, 0x6): It's a duck for Raina! The stylish and usually reliable left-hander tries to defend a short ball, but his faint edge is taken at square-leg. Game on! CSK are 2-2 after an over.

2205 Wicket! Hussey b Malinga 1 (2b, 0x4, 0x6): Oh my word! What a delivery! Lasith Malinga's in-swinging yorker has rattled Hussey's stumps and that... that is a big wicket! It's 2-1 in 0.4 overs.

Chennai Super Kings need 149 runs to beat Mumbai Indians

2145: Wickets and sixes!
Johnson c Dhoni b Bravo 1 (2b)
Malinga c Dhoni b Bravo 0 (2b)

Mumbai lose two quick wickets at the start of the over, both edges from Johnson and Malinga straight to Dhoni. However, Pollard, who has faced very few deliveries in the last three overs, finally gets strike with two balls to go. And guess what, he's just heaved two massive sixes to finish off the innings. MI score 148-9 in 20 overs.

2137 Wicket! Dhawan run out 3 (3b, 0x4, 0x6): Excellent backing up can result in run-outs after all. The batsmen want a run after a slight overthrow but miscalculate how fast the ball would come back - and Dhawan's fallen short. It's 134-7 after 18.4 overs.

2130 Wicket! Harbhajan c Hussey b Bravo 14 (8b, 3x4, 0x6): Four! Four! Four! OUT! Harbhajan Singh decides to show what he can do with the bat and clobbers Bravo all over the park. He wanted more and ends up half-hitting a shot straight to Hussey. It's 125-6 after 17.5 overs.

2125: Pollard thrashes a four past Bravo - and it has reached the ropes lightening quick. He follows that up by hitting Morris through the leg-side for four more. He just has to stick around till the end for Mumbai to make a match for this. It's 112-5 after 17 overs.

2114 Wicket! Rayudu b Bravo 37 (36b, 4x4, 0x6): Embarrassing for Rayadu as Bravo sends one straight onto middle-stump. Still, it was a good innings anchoring at a time when there was a storm. It's 100-5 after 15.1 overs.

2113: Mumbai are just 100-4 after 15 overs and now is the time to go crazy. Most IPL matches depend on the last five overs of an innings and with Pollard and Rayadu having enough time at the wicket, the fireworks should begin... and the two fours from Pollard off Jadeja could be a sign of things to come.

2110: Bravo vs Pollard and the former emerges the winner, at least for now. He's given away just six runs in the 14th over, as Mumbai are 90-4. Pollard is on 23 and Rayadu on 36.

2105: Pollard drives and gets and edge which zips through Ashwin's hands for four! Close, that one, and could have been saved. And to add injury to Ashwin's earlier mistake, Pollard smacks a huge six over long-on off his bowling. The big West Indian is slowly getting into his stride now. It's 84-4 after 13 overs.

2057: Crack! Pollard starts off with a four through the offside and Rayadu helps himself to another four in the next over, over covers. Mumbai are 65-4 after 11 overs and need something special from Pollard.

2050 Wicket! Karthik b Morris 21 (26b, 3x4, 0x6): Bowled him! And Dhoni's change in attack does work. Morris had bowled brilliantly in his first over, and gets a wicket now. Karthik goes for the drive, gets an inside edge and that's that. It's 52-4 after 9.3 overs.

2045: And Mumbai have lumbered to the 50-run mark after nine overs. Extremely tight bowling from Ashwin and CSK are still clearly on top in this match. Karthik, after the early flurry of fours in his innings, has considerably calmed down.

2042: Chris Morris has been introduced into the attack and he gives away just five runs in his first over. It would be four, but Mumbai took advantage of an overthrow. It's 45-3 after eight.

2038: Mumbai have gone three overs without a wicket... and Rayadu's really upping the run-rate now. Another four - this time off an outside edge takes the run-rate to 5.71. It's still bad for T20, but the recovery has been pretty good. It's 40-3 after seven overs.

2033: Chennai are quickly going through their overs. We said Rayadu was settling down in the previous update, and with two quality fours, it looks like he's past that phase and looking to get into cruise mode. One hit over the bowler and the other through square-leg are welcome boundaries for MI. It's 34-3 after six overs.

2030: Karthik's making a habit of slicing that gap on the offside. He's hit his third boundary as Rayadu takes his time settling down at the other end. It's 25-3 after five overs.

2020 Wicket! Sharma c & b Morkel 2 (5b, 0x4, 0x6): Now this is real trouble for Mumbai. Rohit tries to hit it past the bowler, but the ball doesn't come at the pace he wants it to. Morkel takes the catch and exults. It's 16-3 after 3.2 overs.

2017: Dinesh Karthik's four through extra-cover takes Mumbai to 16-2 after three overs. These two are being very cautious and maybe that's the way to go, at least till the nerves settle down.

2012: Two overs gone, and Mumbai are reeling at 11-2. Rohit Sharma is off the mark with a single.


2008 Wicket! Tare b Morkel 0 (1b, 0x4, 0x6): Khattaak! My word, another one bites the dust. What a start for Chennai - that's two wickets in the space of four deliveries. It's 8-2 after 1.1 overs as Tare misses his flick and sees the stumps take a battering. 

2005 Wicket! Smith lbw b Sharma 4 (4b, 1x4, 0x6): Oh early blow then! Smith played a lovely shot through the offside on just the previous ball, but now he's caught plumb in front of the stumps as the ball cuts into him and on his pads. It's 4-1 after 0.4 overs.

Chennai XI: M Hussey, M Vijay, S Raina, S Badrinath, MS Dhoni, R Jadeja, DJ Bravo, A Morkel, R Ashwin, C Morris, M Sharma

Mumbai XI: A Tare, DR Smith, D Karthik, RG Sharma, K Pollard, A Rayudu, H Singh, M Johnson, L Malinga, P Ojha, R Dhawan

Mumbai Indians have won the toss and will bat first

Preview: Embroiled in the spot-fixing scam, becoming champions for a third time would be a daunting task for the Chennai Super Kings when they take on the formidable Mumbai Indians in the summit clash of the scandal-marred Indian Premier League today.

The arrest of its management official M Gurunath, who is the son-in-law of the team owner and BCCI President N Srinivasan, on the suspicion of betting would have surely dented the morale of the Mahendra Singh Dhoni-led side. It will be a huge challenge for the players and their skipper to cope up with the situation and play their natural game against a team, which is keen to win that elusive trophy.

Dhoni and Rohit Sharma will lead their teams out in the battle for IPL 6. BCCI

Dhoni and Rohit Sharma will lead their teams out in the battle for IPL 6. BCCI

Chennai have been a part of four consecutive, five overall, finals but it is the best chance for Mumbai to take a good shot at the title, avenge their 2010 final defeat. It is one trophy that is missing from the cabinet of the milestone man of Indian cricket. He had a heartbreak as Mumbai Indians captain in 2010 when the team lost to Dhoni’s men by 22 runs. It was CSK’s first IPL title and since then Dhoni’s team has grown in stature.

On paper, it’s a battle of equals with both Chennai and Mumbai boasting explosive Twenty20 specialists in Michael Hussey, Dwayne Smith, Ravindra Jadeja and Kieron Pollard. Both teams have a penetrating pace attack with Albie Morkel and season’s find Mohit Sharma doing a tidy job for Chennai, while Mitchell Johnson, Lasith Malinga and Pollard make a terrific trio in the Mumbai ranks.

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