Here is why cricket needs ‘Sir’ Ravindra Jadeja

by Apr 16, 2013

Indian cricketer, biker, horse rider.

That's how Ravindra Jadeja describes himself on his Twitter profile — and a photo he has taken of himself with his iPhone, welcomes you. While the cover image remains the same, he has recently changed the profile picture to him giving a thumbs up to a portrait of himself. He can happily add the fact that he's the funniest thing that's happened to chatter around cricket in a long time.

And it's not because of the jokes. It's because Jadeja is probably one of those few cricketers who knows the benefits of being himself even in the media's eyes — a fact which has probably prompted commentators and experts alike in joining the 'Sir Jadeja' bandwagon. Even straight faced self proclaimed media-hating MS Dhoni!

Jadeja shows off his tattoo (Twitter picture).

Jadeja shows off his tattoo (Twitter picture).

The sport, much loved in the country, has often lacked a sense of humour. Everything is serious and hard news — but social media and the way with which Jadeja conducts himself have teamed up to add merriment to a tournament that can get very monotonous. It's the perfect marriage.

'Sir' Jadeja has a massive fan following on Facebook too. Two pages — Sir Ravindra Jadeja and Sir Ravindra Jadeja #Legend have a combined 53,008 likes (and growing). If the trend continues, he may well end up as the new Rajnikant, adding a completely different flavour to cricket whenever he plays.

We've read a million jokes on Twitter about the man. And he may not come across as funny on the field, but you've still got to love this chap. Here are some of his selected tweets, and you'll know why.














That for you, is 'Sir Jadeja' -- totally unplugged on his Twitter handle. This is a guy who types in 'whan' instead of 'when' on Twitter and tweets out an apology for it. He's got a dragon tattoo and he calls his Suzuki Hayabusa 'Ma Bussa.' He tweets out pictures of himself, loves saying 'wowwwwwww' and 'eeeeeee'.

Just like Jadeja, we think the BCCI also needs to loosen up a bit. If humour and sport can go together, there's no better entertainment. And Jadeja knows it. That's why when he's asked how he managed to improve his boundary-hitting ability, he said: "I'm eating a lot... I have not become fat though."

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