IPL scam: Mumbai cops net prize catch in bookie master

Jul 5, 2013

In a prize catch, Mumbai police on Friday netted elusive bookie master Shoban Mehta alias Shoban Kalachowki in connection with the IPL betting and match fixing scam.

According to official sources, Kalachowki was picked up from Goa Thursday by the Mumbai Police Crime Branch and brought to Mumbai on Friday.

Image for representation only. Reuters

Image for representation only. Reuters

He will be presented before a magistrate Saturday morning for remand.

Kalachowki was among the absconders for whom the Mumbai and state police were on the lookout ever since the IPL scam broke out May 15 with the arrest of some cricketers and bookies in Mumbai.

Though investigators remain tight-lipped, Kalachowki is expected to throw more light on the ongoing probe into the IPL scam.


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