India’s bowling thin, fielding ragged, batting damn good

by Sep 19, 2012

With India losing to Pakistan in a warm-up match as a precursor to the World T20, we couldn't help but wonder why they would want to play such a big match before the tournament.

We spoke to Ayaz Memon who feels that when you see the rankings, it isn't quite the 'marquee' match, and India shouldn't really be worried about psychological damage from the loss.

"I don't think the loss matters too much, but I think you want to enter a tournament winning a game— so India messed up a good chance to do so especially after scoring 185 runs and losing."

With Dhoni toying with the idea of whether to play four or five bowlers, Ayaz feels playing four will be a better idea. AP

But he believes there are a few positives which also emerge from it: "MS Dhoni has now got his mind ticking. Some guys just didn't click— Harbhajan Singh didn't, Laxmi Balaji didn't and Irfan struggled. So the bowling is looking thin, the fielding ragged and the batting damn good and that's been the story since the last few months India have played."

With Dhoni toying with the idea of whether to play four or five bowlers, Ayaz feels playing four will be a better idea: "I would go with four bowlers, hoping that Virat Kohli or Virender Sehwag bowl four over between them. But Dhoni's got one other problem and that's the opening pair— Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir may have fantastic records on paper but not scoring runs lately. So I sense a threat to India in that area."

To listen to the full conversation between Ayaz Memon and Sports Reporter Pulasta Dhar, check out the video.

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