India are No.1 in ICC rankings again but for how long?

by Jan 21, 2013

Two ODIs win in a row are all it took for India to topple England at the top of the ICC ODI rankings. India inched ahead and have 119 points to England's 118 points. South Africa also went down to New Zealand in their first one-dayer, and that also helped India climb to the top.

South Africa, meanwhile, are third with 116 points while Sri Lanka and Australia are tied at 111 points.

However, in order to hold onto the top spot, India have to win the next ODI in Mohali on January 23. If they lose that game, then England will be back on top of the table.

Dhoni and Fletcher must be pretty surprised. PTI

Dhoni and Fletcher must be pretty surprised. PTI

If India lose in Mohali to England, they will drop two rating points and will be with 117 while England will gain two rating points and move to 120.

Just a couple of matches back, India were playing bad cricket and they have been doing that for almost 18 months now. And now, they are suddenly the world's best team. Something's just not right.

And that isn't the end of it either. Given how close things are, expect the top spot in the ODI rankings to change hands more than a couple of times as India-England and South Africa-New Zealand still have two ODIs left to play.

After that, South Africa will still have an ODI series against Pakistan to play.

But the ODI rankings don't really matter too much. In a sense, it's like the FIFA World rankings. You don't care about the rankings, you only care about winning the World Cup.

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